To provide a strong, independent and collective
mental health carer voice for Loddon Mallee region.

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Small town syndrome (stigma) for carers who live in rural towns is very real; they suffer in silence and eventually become a shadow in their own community.

When Bendigo Health Carer Support Services and Mallee Family Care supported the establishment of this network, it was always intended that after a development period, LMMHCN would become a community based independent body.

In early 2016, LMMHCN members moved to incorporation of the organisation and election of a Committee of Management (CoM)

This CoM is to have a strategic focus. It is to link with the various support groups and other connections to people living with mental health issues and their carers in the Loddon Mallee region.

Its aim is:

"To provide a strong, independent and collective mental health carer voice for the Loddon Mallee region"

Its objectives to achieve this are:

  • To listen to carers of people with mental illness to identify systemic areas of concern
  • To influence and inform mental health service provision at a local level
  • To advocate and represent to regional,state and federal government and peak carer bodies on behalf of carers in the Loddon Mallee Region

Work was done to draft a conceptual idea of what a CoM, suitable to achieve these objectives, would "look like". It was considered there were a number of skills,experiences and qualities needed overall on the CoM.These included, marketing,financial,mental health qualifications and experience, political and leadership. In particular a majority needed to be carers themselves. Members should come from a geographic spread across the region and a gender balance was also considered important.

A CoM team that satisfied these criteria was established.

Current Committee of Management 2019 - 2020

Andrea Smith - Buloke (Chair)

Liz Howard- Central Goldfields (Deputy Chair)

Marlene Lamprell - Bendigo (Secretary) 

Anne Graham - Gannawarra (Treasurer)

Mike Bruty-Campaspe (Strategist)

Pam Lingenberg- Gannawarra

John Forrest- Swan Hill






Progress towards achieving its goals:

LMMHCN has by mid 2016

  • Established its Committee of Mangement(CoM)
  • Became Incorporated
  • Organised a major"summit" meeting of peak organisations and government departments to discuss high level strategic directions for mental health carers
  • Progressed a major study around housing for mental health consumers
  • Moved to engage with other major organisations with a view to forming alliances
  • Commenced, in conjunction with Bendigo Health Carer Support Services,a major survey of mental health carer issues across the region

To ensure that the LMMHCN Committee of Management (CoM) is geographically representative of carers across the Loddon Mallee Region, it is a guideline that there be a minimum of one CoM member with carer skills for each of the following four geographical subregions.

  1. Swan Hill. Buloke, Gannawarra
  2.  Mildura
  3. Loddon, Campaspe, Bendigo
  4. Macedon, Central Goldfields, Mount Alexander.


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