To provide a strong, independent and collective
mental health carer voice for Loddon Mallee region.

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Small town syndrome (stigma) for carers who live in rural towns is very real; they suffer in silence and eventually become a shadow in their own community.

Who we are:

The  Loddon Mallee Mental Health Carers Network (LMMHCN) was established in 2010 with support from Bendigo Health Carer Support Services and Mallee Family Care. In the period 2010 to 2015, LMMHCN undertook carer training, input to sector issues and some advocacy to further support for carers.

In 2016 LMMHCN became incorporated after forming a revamped multi-skilled Committee of Management that focused on a strategic role of advocacy for  mental health carers.

In 2016  LMMHCN has:

  • Organised a major "summit" meeting of peak organisations and government departments to discuss high level strategic directions for mental health carers
  • Progressed a major study around housing for mental health consumers
  • Moved to engage with other major sector organisations with a view to forming alliances
  • Commenced, in conjucntion with Bendigo Health Carer Support Services, a major survey of mental heatlh carer issues across the region

This strategic plan establishes the direction for LMMHCN and the actions it needs to undertake which may be summarised broadly as:

  • Establish strong links to carers
  • Gain an understanding of carer needs
  • Advocate for those carer needs
  • Employ strong Committee of Management governance and constructive links with sector organisations to support achievment of the above objectives

LMMHCN has key:

  • Strength- CoM members provide geographic representation and are appointed from the community
  • Weakness- Most CoM members are carers with heavy(and unpredictable) ongoing workloads and stresses limiting their available time to CoM
  • Opportunity- LMMHCN has the potential to be a leading model for the sector
  • Threat- LMMHCN currently has limited connection to carers, and this needs to improve fairly quickly and be consolidated if LMMHCN is to be a creditable representative of carers

LMMHCN has to secure grants to fund its operations

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