Our poster is now displayed in GP Practices throughout the Loddon Mallee Region.

A reminder to 'Tell Your GP' you are a carer.

The Australian Government is investing an additional $85.6 million to roll out a range of new early-intervention services for Australias 2.7 million unpaid carers.

Carers will benefit from a range of new services and supports to help manage daily challenges, reduce stress and plan for the future. Read the full report here New-Services-for-Carers

We have much pleasure in sharing this speech delivered by Leo Shultz at the SPAN walk on March 18th 2018, His speech was outstanding and raised a lot of relevemy issues.

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Head to Health is a new website that links Australians to online and phone mental health services appropriate to their individual needs.

Head to Health was developed in collaboration with the community, the mental health sector and the Department of Health.

For more information visit the website at:  headtohealth.gov.au

Since 2010 our objective has been to provide a strong independent and collective mental health carer’s voicefor the Loddon Mallee Region.The Inaugural meeting of the newly formed Committee of Management (CoM) was in February 2016 when members moved to Incorporation and shifted to a strictly strategic focus. We are happy to introduce our first Annual Report of the Loddon Mallee Mental Health Carers Network.LMMHCN Annual Report 2016 2017



Housing Report

Loddon Mallee Mental Health Carers Network (LMMHCN) identified the need to undertake a study of housing needs for mental health, as carers saw housing as the most pressing issue.

A study was undertaken by LMMHCN with support from Bendigo Health Carer Support Services and research by Latrobe University, Bendigo Campus.

The study took a modest, mixed methods approach to investigating the housing and support needs of people with mental health issues in the Loddon Mallee Region. It used a survey and interviews for data collection and, taken together, these have provided a snapshot of some of the challenges faced by carers and those for whom they care in both short and long term.

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The 2016 Carer Cobsultation report has captured the voices of over 200 mental health carers accross the Loddon Mallee Region and highlights the strengths, challenges and opportunities for carers accross the region and moving forward.

A copy of this report can be downloaded at the end of this post.

Hearing from local carers into the future will remain a priority for the LMMHCN. Understanding the needs and experiences of carers is crucial for ensuring that the network can advocate for improved resources, supports and outcomes for one of the regions most precious resources - mental health carers.

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