LMMHCN Housing Report

Housing Report

Loddon Mallee Mental Health Carers Network (LMMHCN) identified the need to undertake a study of housing needs for mental health, as carers saw housing as the most pressing issue.

A study was undertaken by LMMHCN with support from Bendigo Health Carer Support Services and research by Latrobe University, Bendigo Campus.

The study took a modest, mixed methods approach to investigating the housing and support needs of people with mental health issues in the Loddon Mallee Region. It used a survey and interviews for data collection and, taken together, these have provided a snapshot of some of the challenges faced by carers and those for whom they care in both short and long term.

There is ample evidence that carers find the accommodation and support needs of people with mental illness to be entwined in complex ways with financial capacities, the nature of housing access to and the location of supports, and planning for future needs. Much of the evidence of this study echoes that of previous research investigations some of which were on a much larger scale and covered metropolitan areas. The rural and regional content adds complexity to the current picture due to the distances and costs involved in accessing services and the limited availability of private and public housing options. Read further findings in our report.

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