LMMHCN Carer Consultation 2016 report

The 2016 Carer Cobsultation report has captured the voices of over 200 mental health carers accross the Loddon Mallee Region and highlights the strengths, challenges and opportunities for carers accross the region and moving forward.

A copy of this report can be downloaded at the end of this post.

Hearing from local carers into the future will remain a priority for the LMMHCN. Understanding the needs and experiences of carers is crucial for ensuring that the network can advocate for improved resources, supports and outcomes for one of the regions most precious resources - mental health carers.

The consultation highlighted a number of opportunities for improving supports for both carers and those being cared for:

  • Identify, promote, and/or advocate for resources/tools and/or partnerships that could support ageing carers and the person/s they care for to plan for the future.
  • Advocate for no-cost/low-cost counselling for carers who need additional support to manage the emotional stress and anxiety associated with their caring role.
  • Explore ways to further educate mental health carers about the National Disibility Insurance Scheme (NDIS)
  • Create a LMMHCN resource for professionals that shares common carer issues, the benefits of professionals working in partnership with mental health carers and offers examples of best practice stories.
  • Examine available written information for new and existing carers to identify if there are gaps in service system information and educational materials for carers that need to be addressed.
  • Share consultation findings with relevant mental health service providers and explore partnership opportunities that could support improved access to quality mental health services and increased inclusion of carers.
  • Invite key stakeholders to review consultation findings and explore partnership opportunities to develop/enhance carer initiatives.
  • Review currently available National help lines and websites that could offer extra support for carers experiencing stress/anxiety, depression or relationship difficulties and promote to carers via a newsletter and the LMMHCN website.
  • Advocate to Centrlink for improved access to Carer Support Allowance for mental health carers.
  • Advocate for the continued funding of Carer Support Services and ensure a flexible funding model that can suport carers with a variety of needs such as petrol vouchers, social connections, self care, time-out from caring and support with school costs etc.
  • Ensure that the individuals that carers seek information and support from the most have access to good information and resources: GP's, Carer Support Groups, Carer Support Service, Community Workers, Friends/Family and Pharmacists.
  • Use the findings from the Housing Research Project to support improved housing options for people with mental health issues especially those living with ageing carers.
  • Write regular media stories to address stigma and raise community awareness about mental illness and the role of carers.Loddon Mallee Mental Health Carers Network Carer Consultation 2016 report

Download a copy of the Report

** Please note that this report is 9Mb and may take some time to download.